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MS Lumia 950 - Try The Tech

by on ‎23-05-2016 20:03 (1,994 Views)

First Impressions of the Microsoft Lumia 950





The 950 came in a white thin square box with a slide out tray, very much like the rest of the Lumia range.  After pulling the security tab and sliding the out the tray, the 950 sits proudly on display within its packaging.  Not much else is bundled, a small quick start guide, charger and a data cable.


Design & Feel


Picking up the 950 for the first time didn’t scream high end, unlike its predecessor the 930. However, it does feel very well built. The phone is made from quality plastics and has gorilla glass 3, the back is removable allowing access to the battery, sim and memory card slots. If I am honest, the design reminds me of the lower end handsets such as the 640, but with stronger plastics and a dedicated camera button.


Set Up


Having had many windows phones, I have seen the restore feature improve over the years, but the 950 has been my best experience so far. When you first power on the 950 you are asked to choose your country etc. You can then select your WiFi network, or skip and continue the set up. I highly recommend you connect to WiFi at this stage. You are then asked to sign into your Microsoft account, but don’t worry if you don’t have one as there is an option to create one.


Having signed into my account, the 950 asks me if I would like to restore my data from a previous handset. After choosing the restore file (I’ve a few), the 950 proceeds to install all my apps, saved game data, live titles, ringtones, photos the lot. Honestly, after about 30 minuets the 950 was set up exactly the same as my 930 without any intervention from me.  OK, there were a few apps that asked me to sign in again, Facebook, eBay and twitter but this took next to no time to fix.




So there are many new features on the 950 that I’ve not yet been able to try, such as the iris scanner and continuum. However, I was disappointed to learn that the OS version shipped on the 950 was not the latest build. Now to be fair, the only reason I noticed this is because I my 930 is on the latest build via the insider programme, and some of the menus are slightly different. That aside, the build was “feature rich”, by that I mean nothing was missing.


Using the 950 is not much different from using the 930, in fact, once all Lumia’s are on the same build, using any of them won’t be much different. That’s the great thing about windows phone, you get the same core experience across all devices. Ok, a some apps and games won’t be available, or will  run slow on lower end devices but hey, you get what you pay for.


I’m not going to get into the pro’s and con’s of each OS, we know the age old “App Gap” argument. But for me, all the ones I need are there. And with the new universal app store shared over pc, table, phone and xbox, will hopefully attract new developers who will see the potential.




Well, I can sum this up with one word... Sharp! I could post the specs, and the dots per inch, but I’m not going to. If you found this thread, your able to find the 950 specs. PS, Bing is better Smiley Tongue




The 950 is the baby brother of the 950XL, the Daddy of windows phone to date. It’s not the best looking phone on the market, it’s not the highest spec phone either. However, if you are an existing windows phone user, or use lots of Microsoft services, then you wont be disappointed. If you can live with a BIG phone, go for the XL. If however your heavily invested in Android, or IOS don’t expect to find all the apps your used to. 


If you have a 925 or the 930 and are looking to take advantage of the new features, such as continuum, I would say go for it. Otherwise, there is not much of a difference. This could all change as more demanding apps launch, but if you can resist the lure of a new shinny phone maybe wait to see what Microsoft has planned with the surface phone late next year. That’s not to say I regret my purchase, far from it. As a big WinPhan, I’ll continue to get the latest and greatest just like the FanbIOS and the Droids.


PS. The 950 uses a USB C charger. So if like me, you have chargers all over the place, your going to need to invest in new ones. Any Qi chargers you have will continue to work with the 950.


by Anonymous
on ‎11-08-2016 11:03
Nice review. I would suggest that you don't necessary get the latest build on the phone because in many cases updates will have been released since the phone was packed. Windows release update very regularly and even new models could have been prepared and packed several weeks before they make the stores. For an existing model it could be months rather than weeks.

Re. the charger, must chargers now come with separate cables so you would probably only need a new cable, buy for under £2 delivered on ebay, amazon etc.