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changing account holder

at the noement the registred account holder of the iphone 7 in which i use is that of my mums, but the payment and the registered payment card is of mine ebcause its my phone and i am the one who pays for it, i just got an early upgrade how do i change the account holder from being my mum to being me? 

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Re: changing account holder

In effect you can't. You will need to end that contract and take a new one out in your own name. Even though the bank account details are your own, the name on a contract cannot be changed. Ideally you would have done this when your upgrade was done. The only way now is to pay off the device part of the Refresh contract and then give 30 days notice on the airtime. Then take out a contract in your own name and your mum can arrange the migration of the phone number which at the moment belongs to her.

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Re: changing account holder

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@wizzaj In addition to what @jonsie has explained, even though you're paying the bill now, I believe you would also still need to pass a credit check to get a contract in your name as well.