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Unlocking deceased Mum's iPhone SE

Hi everyone,

With my Mum having passed away a couple of months ago, her iPhone SE has been passed to one of my children as their first smartphone.  However, it looks like the phone is locked to O2, but I'm using a non-O2 SIM for my son.  Also, my Mum's pay monthly O2 account has now been cancelled. So although I have her "My O2" login details, this is no use to me and I'm not sure if the online form for unlocking phones will work in this circumstance?


Can anyone advise what the best way to get her phone unlocked would be, particularly in this current challenging period for the O2 support folks?  For my son this will be a really useful way for hi mto remain in contact with his friends during lockdown.


Many thanks in advance for any assistance anyone can provide.

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Re: Unlocking deceased Mum's iPhone SE

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Re: Unlocking deceased Mum's iPhone SE


If you have the details, use the manual form first off Guide: Unlocking an O2 phone to use a different SIM card 

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Re: Unlocking deceased Mum's iPhone SE