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Travelling to Egypt

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Im going to Egypt next month and my call plan isnt covered for this country. Whats the best thing to do that wont cost a fortune. thanks

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Re: Travelling to Egypt

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@skyerayleigh you could get a local SIM card to put in your phone 

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Re: Travelling to Egypt

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Hi @skyerayleigh 

Only really three cheap options

  • Use wifi based apps such as Whatsapp/Messanger/Viber/Skype etc as long as the other people have the apps
  • Use a local sim
  • Use Skype by adding credit

Standard costs are

  • Pay Monthly






  • P&G




  • You will need to make sure your phone is unlocked if using a local sim card
  • Also call customer service to make sure you have no roaming bars on your account
  • Switch voicemail off before leaving the UK to avoid charges for messages left
  • Turn off mobile data when boardng the aircraft and leave it off for the duration of your holiday
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Re: Travelling to Egypt

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And that ^^^^^ says it all. wink

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