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I moved over from Vodafone last September, my O2 service was ok till January when in my local area we are having a mast issues this will be reviewed…… I visited our local store who stated it won’t be sorted anytime soon…..


we are now on holiday on the south coast with full signal and good 4g, however my family members are on different networks, EE 70mbps, Vodafone 35mbps, 3 30mbps and my 02 1.90mbps.


Very poor and when you check the signal checker website it says, there a lot of people in your area…… 


so disappointed, and secondly there’s no live chat to try a get a resolution.


my contract is unlimited mins and texts, 100gb data, I am contemplating paying the £300 to get out of this contract and moving on.


Gurus please advise 

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None of those phones will be connecting to the same infrastructure, or how many customers are connecting to the mast and using the services, as I can get the opposite in a lot of places near where I live. BT (EE) is garbage, Three is worse than that and o2 is the best.


The reasons can be multiple, have you checked the status on to check for service issues. 


Issues with masts can take months to resolve due to the complexities around access, and what is required in order to fix the mast. 

If any work is required on the public highway, which has to allowed by councils, or if a new mast is required a lot of local people object to them, for some reason.....


Live chat is available, just try either or hanging around the shop. 

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We are all customers and dont have access to any o2 accounts

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@Robo1804  If you do decide to cancel, follow this guide Guide: Cancelling Your Contract 

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