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0330 303 5308

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I have had two calls from this number one yesterday afternoon and one today asking we can help you save money from 02 sound suspicious when asking are you the account holder I said I was they know your name, then I thought there was something wrong and put the phone down as they wasn't going to get any information from me.


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Re: 0330 303 5308

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Hi @Morty57

Follow the advice in this thread https://community.o2.co.uk/t5/How-to-Guides/Are-you-fed-up-with-spam-calls-and-texts-Follow-these-st...

It's definitely a spam call


We always advise everyone NOT to take out a contract etc from a cold caller

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Re: 0330 303 5308

Block the number.
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Re: 0330 303 5308

I have had several calls from this number to my mobile over the last few days. each time I have missed the call, and they left no message. However today I was there when the phone rang. They knew my name and address which is worrying !!! They asked if I wanted to renew my contract. I ended the call straight away and have blocked the number. 

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Re: 0330 303 5308

I have 10 ring me over see number on o2