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Travelling destination outside of the EU, such as China, HK and Singapore

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Hi Support,

I am currently using pay as you go, and I am travelling aboard, I wish to use the roaming service from O2.


Due to the UK online banking, I still need to use my O2 number to receive text message and receive phone call ( but I wont make any phone call). 


I have already top-up £10 pounds into my O2 account. I wonder, do I need to purchase a O2 travel bolt, but I I wont make any phone call, only receiving calls.


Currently, I can only receive text message and can not receive phone calls, maybe something I setup wrongly on my roaming setting.


please advise.




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All depends on where you are intending to visit, @timothy - this link lets you see, be sure to select PAYG button each time you access it, what the costs are for every country you will be visiting:


For roaming, your phone settings are best set to Roaming Calls, and you may need to manually search for a network in some places, you can use any network, even if it shows as "Forbidden", when you are roaming. Note also you have some restrictions in Europe (no bolt on necessary) of up to 63 days in any one period, after which you have to return to the UK for a few months.

More roaming info here: Guide: Roaming MegaGuide - good luck!

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