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I don't understand the ongoing payment options for a PAYG Sim? Say I buy the £5 credit but don't use any calls, text or data during the month, do I still have to pay another £5 for the next month, and so on....?



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Re: PAYG Sim

Your payment of £5 would be taken as payment for your allowances

Even if you don't use the allowances you would then have zero credit for the following month and could only use the sim for incoming calls and texts

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Re: PAYG Sim


Think of it as a £5 per month contract but without legal tie ins.

If you want to use your phone for outgoing calls and texts, you must top up £5 every month.


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Re: PAYG Sim

@Phil65 Hi, also the £5 bundle is not a great deal as you are almost certain to use some data per month, and that will cost you even more - Probably best part of £10 anyway.

At least with the £10 bundle you get 6GB data included.