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15 digit phone number - scam?

Hi there,

I received a phone call earlier, but wasn't able to answer. Whoever tried to call did not leave any message. I am very surprised by the phone number, as I've never seen any like this.

Can you tell me if this would be scam or not? I don't want to call back as it is probably a foreign number and don't want to get extra charges.

The phone number was +60151297057558

I tried to do some research on Google, but it was inconclusive.

Many thanks in advance!
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Re: 15 digit phone number - scam?

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It will be some sort of scam without a doubt. Block the number so they can't call you again

As you said Google is no help as I've checked as well.

+60 is the country code for Malaysia


Best of luck and welcome to the forum Welcome

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Re: 15 digit phone number - scam?


Never ever ever return any of these kinds of calls.

That is exactly what they want you to do which will cost you hundreds of pounds.

You can guarantee it is a premium rate and international combined.

Usually these calls will only ring once (so you get a missed call) or hang up as soon as you answer. Both designed to get you to call the number back.

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Re: 15 digit phone number - scam?

Hi there @Limbus 

Never ring back a strange number of course and block it.

Good you asked here, be very careful of strange unknown


Welcome to the O2 Forum and best wishes too.