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This should be posted on the Community Home Page but, unfortunately, cannot post on there. In these dreadful times, members of this O2 Community have excelled themselves in their help and support of O2 customers, they are, in my opinion, true heroes ...

Mi-Amigo by Level 42: Skillful
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Chester The Cat

Last Saturday I adopted a cat becauseI saw a post from Cat Friends of HyndburnI was really touched by his sorry storyI was wanting a cat and he wanted his own homeI've decided that I'm unlikely to go back to Thailand so wouldn't have to leave him wit...

Chester 18.01.20206.jpg Chester 18.01.20201.jpg Chester 18.01.20208.jpg
jonsie by Level 94: Supreme
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Thought of the day

As part of the #o2surprise that I received last week, there was a jar of smiles. Many were keen to see what would come out of the jar each day, so here are the ones so far! The one that I picked out on Friday was "If you want to see the rainbow, you ...

gmarkj by Level 53: Renowned
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The Virtual Lounge

Anyone here ? [Please see related discussion about "The Virtual Lounge" here]

blissgirl by Level 26: Upbeat
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Andy Murray

Sadly Andy Murray has announced in tears that he is retiring. A big thank you to him for the many joyous moments he has given us. He made you proud to be a Brit! He will make his exit after Wimbledon.

jonsie by Level 94: Supreme
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Time to bring back Spitting Image?

Been watching some of the episodes uploaded to Youtube and it's still funny and was spot on about the issues it covered at the time. Considering the downright bizarre political landscape we are currently living with I think it's time to bring it back...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Do you follow tennis? The Australian Open is ongoing

Hi everyone! Are you following the currently on-going Australian Open tennis tournament (7-27 January)? I haven't personally followed tennis tournaments myself, but I'm learning more about it at the moment! This one is the first of the 4 big tennis e...

Marjo by Former Staff
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CES 2019 - Daily Round up!

Hey everyone, This years CES (Consumer Electronics Show) officially kicked off today in Las Vegas and it's shaping up to be another great show for those with even a passing interest in technology! Below, we've detailed some of the cool tech showcased...

Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 19.34.43.png Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 19.34.56.png Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 19.34.33.png Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 19.34.06.png
Martin-O2 by Community Manager
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Gatwick Runway Opens after Drone chaos

Gatwick's runway has reopened after drones caused the airport to shut down for more than a day.Causing absolute chaos for 100,000 travellers pre- Christmas.The airport felt this was a deliberate attack to cause as much upset to travel arrangements.Ai...

Cleoriff by Level 94: Supreme
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Security at Home advice

Hello ~I would be very grateful for advice if possible.I want a security camera fitted to the outside overlooking garage/drive, it can be wired and mounted to a wall overlooking this area. Power and fitting would be no problem. I have been looking Ar...

TallTrees by Level 37: Blazing a Trail
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Happy New Year

Wishing everyone in the community a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Bambino by Level 72: Oracle
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Data Usage

With the ever connected world we live in these days, I'm wondering how much people use.As you may or may not know I gave up home broadband in November and I've just had my first full month data usage (I swapped direct debit dates after I joined so th...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Golden Globes 2019

Hey everyone, Last night, the 2019 Golden Globe Awards took place and I don't know about you but I always like to keep an eye on the results Here are the winners this year: Best motion picture - drama: Bohemian Rhapsody Best motion picture - comedy o...

EmilieT by Former Staff
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