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Summer Gardening 2021

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Summer Gardening 2021 

Summer isn't the time to be sitting down with your "Somerset Maugham" straw hat under a sun umbrella!  Well not for me anyway.  Far too much to do: mowing, clipping, planting summer bedding and the rest ~ but ~ this year there has been all  sorts of trying events.  Spring started well everything

got going then the "Gardeners" horror Cold Snap and it seemed to

go on.  Bees stayed in, seeding plants stopped growing and cold killed seedlings.

Then 32C , well now everything is melting.


We get through it though because that is "what we do"

Bees late but got going so here are the filled nest tubes

for the next generation of my gorgeous Red Mason Bees.

Grumpy bees and then tubes getting filled



Eventually planted out my Hestia mini plants but not mini

runner beans.

TallTrees_2-1628836132592.jpeg  20210811_080107 (2).jpg












Planted outside none inside greenhouse this year as they seem to do better they are still growing and not ripe yet ~ Small cherry tomatoes variety Piccolo should go bright red later










late and not at their very best but they will grow and ripen later about September




late but getting on with it ~ some ready September some October

TallTrees_10-1628836132865.jpeg  20210807_071452 (2).jpg






The absolute joy of the large crop on my Fig ! It is grown in a small pot because

if planted in the ground it goes mad and won't put out fruit at all.

This year it has produced loads of figs.. these will ripen towards the end of summer













There's nothing nicer than picking your own herbs to put in sauces and dips and cook

Mint Bay Tree and Chives












Fancy Gardening

I decided this year to grow Begonias from Corms ~ good choice as it happened

because they do not like much sun.  Geraniums love sun.







TallTrees_22-1628836132683.jpeg  20210811_080056 (2).jpg
















Garden favorites

Clematis and Rambling rose choose this spot in fir tree and the Passion Flower

TallTrees_28-1628836132686.jpeg  20210811_132652 (1).jpg



My garden is work but when all the plants are growing and glowing it is so rewarding.

However, every little creature great and small also enjoy it in different ways ~ eating most things before I get it!

Important to me is to look after the birds in the garden, they have food and water and they are so enjoyable they give great fun, hopefully they will also enjoy some bugs.


This is a little wren's nest built right in the corner under the eaves of the rear garden out-house.




Just look how neat it is and the entrance is well back.  Lots of birds nested here this year. 

I love my garden, I share it with just about every creature there is! Including the Fox and Hedgehog that get fed every night too.


Whatever size your garden is ~ even a balcony ~ lots of enjoyment from all plants fancy or edible.

Love to hear about your garden or summer pot.   




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I'm not really a gardener & being colourblind a lot of the magic is lost on me, but some gardens just look good & others not so. I don't really know one plant from another apart from my Sunflowers, which i love. It's that magical tracking the sun thing they do.



20 were planted in April but only 4 have made an appearance & they're just about ready to flower. 

They were supposedly going to be standard sized sunflowers in red, but they seem to be 8 foot plus. (so far) I'm going to use a different supplier next time. 

I'd love a nesting box but I haven't really got anywhere to stick it. 😞


Figs... I thought they only grew in warmer climates, who knew?


Great thread Bee person! 🙂

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@TallTrees  What a glorious topic. Love the fact that you have a garden big enough to grow fruit and veg as well as flowers and herbs Nothing more satisfying than eating food you have grown yourself.

 All this and making sure you look after the birds, bees and other wildlife smiling

I love your begonias and other floral offerings.

I don't have a greenhouse where I can grow anything from seed, bulbs or corms.

My sister had a large garden, well over 2 acres. It had its own bluebell wood and 2 greenhouses where she grew everything. So satisfying.

I love plants and try to have plants, shrubs etc which provide colour all year round.

I live in an area which was built in the 60's and not known for having massive gardens  although we were lucky in that our house is at the end and on a corner, which gave us more garden space than others.

I've got roses, clematis and a passion flower along one fence. Not much wildlife as it's fenced all the way round. Have seen foxes and hedgehogs out the front though.

Mine tends to be a container garden which does allow summer and winter colour.


You have put a lot of work into your summer offering on the community so well done you. I would expect your lovely garden needs constant work. Thanks for sharing it with us. It's beautiful. kissing_heart

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@TallTrees What a lovely subject for the Summer In The Community.

I`m pleased that your bees and wildlife are going to be OK and you have such lovely flowers in your garden and will be able to enjoy the fruit from your trees later.

I never was one for gardening, although I do love the look and smell of flowers in a well-maintained garden. As I am older, I have a gardener come periodically to tidy things up and although I have a few nice flowers [don`t ask me what they are!!!] sadly don`t have any fruit trees.

From your post, I can see you put a lot of effort into your garden and I`m sure others do to. Thank you for your lovely topic and sharing the images with us.



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Lovely to see images of your garden and all the effort you put into it @TallTrees!

Most excellent message about loving the garden you have as well.

We have a run of wild flowers along one side of our back garden, and we try to grow some veg in pots (potatoes, but also some broccoli and brussels) but not much luck really!

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What a nice garden you have @TallTrees and obviously a lot of work involved looking after it.  I now understand why you don't have a lot of time on your hands for quizzes etc, but I would imagine you will gain lots of satisfaction just by looking at it.  I was brought up by parents who were very keen gardeners and on their retiral would spend many hours each and every day working in it.   They won awards for their garden which were totally justified.   I love seeing a well kept garden and would never have it untidy, but I was never too adventurous myself when it came to gardening.  Always tidy but quite basic with grass and a few borders with plants and shrubs.   This year we have some sweet peas which seem to have taken off, quite a few small sunflowers in tubs (which are a change from the usual 8ft variety) along with wild flowers and some bedding plants.  Sadly already, things appear to be changing and slightly more autumnal, so we should make the most of the summer we have left.


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I forgot to make reference to the COLD SNAP you mentioned @TallTrees . I was lucky with that. My bedding plants were delivered and planted earlier than normal. I thought I would lose some plants and all the hard work would be for  nothing. I was lucky though. The plants were well established and I didn't lose any at all.

Had a glorious display but have noticed some are on the turn which is earlier than normal. Not surprised with the weather they had to put up with. I have a massive hardy fuchsia bush in the front garden and although it grew normally, it took ages for it to flower. Normally starts in June but nothing until the middle of July. I will take a guess that this will still be flowering at beginning of November! sunflower

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Hi there @Mi-Amigo 

Thank you for your reply. It is very nice to enjoy a garden and I hope you can get outside in good weather and enjoy the flowers whatever they are.

Many best wishes.  P.S of interest is that you can grow a very small patio fruit tree now this is really good for the people who only have a balcony.  Enjoy your garden...

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Hi there @Cleoriff 

Yes I remember you getting your summer bedding ~ very worrying at the time. I am glad it all turned out good.

It has been so changeable that all my plants are just doing what they want to. Most are late and flowering late.  Good they can make up their own minds (for once)

Thank you for your reply Cleo.

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Thank you so much for your photo @Anonymous 

I did not know that there were red sunflowers ~ I wonder what Van Gogh would have made of that.

They are such a cheery flower.  I have had many planted by the birds quite a lot last year whilst they

dropped them here there and everywhere. 8ft is a good size I expect the birds eat the seeds from the flower later.

Ah birds will nest where they want to...I have some in nesting boxes and some chose to totally ignore them.  I have had more success with the Nuthatch she really likes one particular box seems to nest there every year.  Looks like you have some good hedging there, they will probably be in that.

Yes Figs will grow ~ I live in the South so more likely here.

Many thanks for your interesting post ~ from the Bee person!

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