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Re: So, What Do You Watch On TV?

@Anonymous wrote:

@Glory1 wrote:
@Anonymousyou say you "only have Freeview so am limited to the best on offer from the BBC, ITV or Channel 4". I also only have Freeview but there are many more channels than just the 3 you mention. I assume that none of the other channels have any programmes of interest to you?

Yes, I do occasionally watch other channels, and of course I neglected to mention Channel 5, which does also have some good content. But I rarely bother with channels like E4 or ITV 2, as they seem to have a lot of repeats, or programmes like “Love Island” which are of no interest to me. Maybe I’m missing out on a lot of good programmes, but the kind of content that I’m most likely to record (and watch several times) would usually be the programmes that are found on what I would consider to be the main channels. 

@Anonymous there is a lot of dross on many of the Freeview channels, I agree. To be honest the only programme I watch on ITV2 is The Ellen Degeneres show; you couldn't pay me to watch Love Island. E4 is Young Sheldon (a spin-off from the Big Bang Theory which I love), Gotham and Supernatural for me, nothing else. I'm more into the Channel 5 group, 5USA and 5Star, every night of the week for dramas I like.


Anyway, it would be boring if we all liked the same programmes. TV is meant to offer everyone, whatever their tastes, something of interest to them.


Never could understand people continually moaning about a particular show. If you don't like it don't watch it. And if there's nothing on you want to watch, there is an off button.

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