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O2 Community Book Club πŸ“š

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Calling all bookworms!


I am here to gauge some interest from you all, please. Would you be interested in a Book Club?


If so, we want to hear from you!


It would be amazing if we could begin a Book Club for the community. I imagine we would pick a new book every month, and read it together. Then, give our reviews and have a discussion about said book πŸ˜.


I could definitely do with the encouragement to pick up a book - so, this would be a perfect solution for me. Is there anyone else keen on this? Please, comment below and share your thoughts!


My initial ideas:


  • Create a Monthly Book Voting Thread (similar to @Martin-O2's Movie Thread)
    • Vote/Discuss which book we would like to read in the following month
  • All begin reading on the 1st of the next month
  • Create a new topic at the beginning of the month for the book discussion
    • Readers would use spoiler tags to ensure nothing gets spoiled for others
      • Readers can post all their thoughts, questions, ideas in there!

As easy as that, maybe πŸ€—.


Let me know if you're interested! I would like to get a few of us involved at the very least, before committing. Any ideas or questions too, feel free to comment. Open to all suggestions.


Thanks πŸ“š!


P.S. I am also aware of the What Are You Reading topic too. We can continue using that for other books we're reading too πŸ˜Š.


Maybe, @Cleoriff @jonsie @Anonymous @gmarkj @ComaChameleon @blissgirl @RunrigForever @Pennywren  would be interested in this? And anyone else who wants to join in, of course.

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I'm a real bookworm. Problem is, I have very specific likes and dislikes about books. I dislike autobiographies. I have read the Lewis Hamilton story which was bought for me for Christmas but apart from that, I haven't read any others.

I like psychological thrillers or a good horror story.

So my concern is, being made to read a book I have no interest in.

I presume we would have to buy the books ourselves?

I have a Kindle but never use it. A lot of the joy of reading for me is the look, feel and smell of a brand new book.

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Community Manager
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Hey, @Cleoriff. Thanks for the reply πŸ˜Š.


This is why I wanted to create this initial topic first to see if members would be interested. 


I imagine we could find a book all participants would be interested in each month - just need to find a decent selection to choose from (possibly looking at prize nominations, for example). I understand your point, though!


And yes, this was just an idea I had recently. So, I imagine we would buy the book ourselves. I'll wait to see what others think. I appreciate the reply πŸ˜.

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Not applicable

I read some fiction, but not much as I prefer non-fiction nowadays  (There is a enough fiction on the internet, but then what is reality?)

I've just read: SchrΓΆdinger's Kittens and the Search for Reality - By John Gribbin (2003) I've read it before, but the way the author explains (In simpler terms) Quantum mechanics is fascinating.

Highly recommended, but be prepared to be truly amazed.     

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Sadly I'm just too lazy to read books in English (aswell as it's not easy to get them to a decent price over here). 

Even cheated back in school as I would read it in German instead (and watch the film)... But got best mark anyway as I could write and analyse it very good XD

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Yes, I would be interested in a Book Club.

I am interested in most forms of fiction and non-fiction ... although ... not a particular lover of Horror, but I would be prepared to buy a book off Amazon on Horror and read as far as I could and post on the thread.

My comment would be maybe if I could not finish a book within a month, as I have said above, I would post as far as I had read, if that makes sense ?

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This is an excellent idea, but how to find a mutually acceptable read? 

Maybe each member could propose a few, then put it to a process of elimination by vote, until one remains (then watch while most people reject it, and pass that month.....)

A book club is a good enough idea to give it a whirl however


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