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Let's remember Farrokh Bulsara

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Tell us your favourite song, where you saw them live, your first memory of the band or even why you hate them!

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Re: Let's remember Farrokh Bulsara

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My first real introduction to them was when my dad got the 'Live Magic' album for Christmas '86. I was never really into them but hearing that piano on Seven Seas of Rhye was an ear opener for the talent they had.


My favourite song : Too Much Love Will Kill You - The lyrics strike really close to home


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Re: Let's remember Farrokh Bulsara

My introduction to Queen and Freddy Mercury was Bohemian Rhapsody, my all-time favourite song of theirs. Running a close second, Freddy Mercury singing with Montserrat Caballa on Barcelona; brilliant.


Unfortunately, I never got to see them live with Freddy. Something I will always regret.


He was an amazing singer. I raise a glass to Freddy; thank you for the music 🍾🥂

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Re: Let's remember Farrokh Bulsara

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As I've got older I now enjoy their music more today than back then. In some ways it feels today, that they are more popular than ever.


They never had to experience the "fall" that so many musicians experience. But the story of Queen is so sad pensive


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Re: Let's remember Farrokh Bulsara

When i saw this thread i had no idea who Farrokh Bulsara was;


So i carried on reading and found out it was Freddie Mercury.


I have never liked Queen still dont .


That song Bohemian Rhapsody i got fed up hearing it when it was number one for what seemed years and still dont know why folk like it . Its awful .




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Re: Let's remember Farrokh Bulsara

I like a lot of different types of music. F.Mercury B.Rhapsody, I enjoyed it very much found it stirring, singing along to it in the car whilst driving (probably out of tune😀) ok though, only I could hear it I think 😎 .....very good for stress levels too!
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Re: Let's remember Farrokh Bulsara

Freddie Mercury. "Lover of Life, Singer of Songs"


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The greatest rock showman on earth, bar none.


Liked Queen when they released their first song in 1973, Keep Yourself Alive.

I bought every single album they ever made. Have watched every concert they have ever performed.


We first saw them live in 1975 at the Coventry Theatre. They blew me away, They were so good I thought they were miming. Then they sang Bohemian Rhapsody to a theatre whose capacity was 1200. They brought the house down.


Favourite song? Too many to mention...

Bohemian Rhapsody, We will Rock You, It's a kind of Magic, These Are the days of our lives, Hammer to Fall, One Vision, Radio Gaga, Who wants to Live forever and many many more.


I was stunned at his performance of Barcelone with Montserrat Caballe

Live Aid and Queens perfomance brought them back into the public eye and they smashed the set. Voted by most people  as the best ever. Even outshone The Who


I can't tell you how heartbroken I was when he died. I still watch every concert recorded to this day.

I have seen We Will Rock You more times than I care to mention.


I guess you realise I was and always will be a fan. wink

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Re: Let's remember Farrokh Bulsara

I'm envious @Cleoriff I never got to see them! I'm not a fan, but just to sample the atmosphere would've been worth the cash.

@Poppysmum I agree, overplayed, the song is great, but Queen have produced far better songs which are often overlooked.

27 years ago today.. I remember exactly where I was too.. practicing parade at RAF Swinderby.
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Re: Let's remember Farrokh Bulsara

I listen to Queen probably more than any other music. Freddie was, indeed IS, a brilliant brilliant talent with a huge voice but you know, the one track that means so much to me and sends a shiver down my spine every time I watch it or hear it. When his illness was taking it's toll on his body, such a sad sight and we all knew we were going to lose him shortly. The effort and pain it actually took to even get in front of the microphone His voice however was still magnificent!  :


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Re: Let's remember Farrokh Bulsara

Some great perspectives people. Thanks!