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It's Fathers Day Today

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Thinking about my dear dad Roy, bless him

Allus a Daddy's Girl

A mechanical engineer all his working life with a firm in Leeds until he judged it time to go for early retirement


That song ... = ... To Dance With My Father Again ... is what is in my head


Jiving with dad ... & ... once doing a pasa doble to win a prize ... dad hadn't had a lesson in his life for the paso ... he threw me around the ballroom with me doing deep lunges ... mum said afterwards the audience were cheering us on ... & ... it wasn't at our dancing school ... just a regular Saturday night out dancing with our family's friends 


Just had an upsetting phone call from my mum ... it's no bother she won't know it's Fathers Day ... she won't talk about dad at all, not even the happy times out in the car or on holidays or at dancing competitions ... mum made my & my sister's dance dresses 

Mum has called me bad = I'm not ... she just forgets / doesn't listen to what me & my sister have to say ... I must have told her 5 times now I won't be coming Wednesday's & weekends anymore = my days are Monday & Thursday as they have been this week ... at weekends there are 3 carer sessions mum doesn't need either my sister nor me ... she moaned for me to speak up = I said no I'm not shouting anymore as it gives me headaches ... so ... my voice is as soft as hers ... not what I wished for on Fathers Day ... yes, mum's memory is going, she's very elderly and infirm ... but is ... wiry and has steely determination ... I softly put the phone down after saying bye bye ... usually it's mum who crashes the handset down on the cradle


OK ... time to get some of the old family photos out of the cupboards ... & ... off the shelves to smile & be happy over


HAPPY FATHERS DAY to everyone 


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*possum si vollo* *per ardua ad astra*

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Re: It's Fathers Day Today

To be fair, I don't even celebrate that now. I used to buy a good bottle of single malt whisky for him.

Families are a strange thing. See sometimes you need to lose something before you appreciate it.
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Re: It's Fathers Day Today

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@anticpated wrote:
... sometimes you need to lose something before you appreciate it.

Ain't that the truth! LOL



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