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Re: How do you send your Christmas greetings?

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My dear Dad (no longer with us) used to hate shopping for anything. He said he suffered with agraphobia when in town.

All a lie as he used to play flat green bowls , darts and dominoes. rofl


I knew it was simply because disliked shopping, had no idea where to go for a nice card and he would ask me to get a lovely romantic Christmas card for Mum. (Same for her Birthday). He gave me the money of course and the only requirement was, it had to have a lovely verse. Card bought. He would read it from cover to cover and sign it.

Mum always played along of course. So dad took the credit while me and Mum had a giggle in the kitchen rofl

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Re: How do you send your Christmas greetings?

I'll send cards to the family and then ussually drop them a call, WhatsApp or text on the big day