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Re: HMV Calls In The Administrators

I think it's more to do with online shopping causing 'the death of the High Street'.

Inevitable really....

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Re: HMV Calls In The Administrators

Both right @Cleoriff and @dgilbert2


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Re: HMV Calls In The Administrators

I used to enjoy browsing in HMV as they used to carry some of the labels I bought from but most of these have now gone digital only so I tend to buy more through iTunes these days.


When I heard this I ordered (and have received) an album I was looking at buying which came out at the end of November, their price was the same as Amazon so I decided to give them the support instead.


I understand they also used to be well known for ordering stuff if they didn't have it in stock but it doesn't appear they have done this for a while which might not have helped.


A few years back I was in the store and was looking for a specific album which I knew existed but they didn't have in the store.


I went to the counter and asked the guy, 'yeah we can order it and ring you when it's in'


I asked if I could pay for it, including postage then and there and have it sent to me (I worked shifts then so wasn't sure when I was going to go up to the shopping area again) 'nah, we don't do that'


Considering I could go home and order it on the site it seemed a bit nuts they wouldn't want to take the money in store for their sales figures if nothing else.