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Priority queueing no good!

I have been an o2 priority user for a long time now and have two phones on o2.

I have used the o2 priority queuing once and it was brilliant as I walked Straight in (even tho the queue was tiny anyway but he ho)

My parents booked tickets for an event at the o2 in digbeth Birmingham and I advised my dad to download the app and went through all instructions on how to use vouchers, queuing, cloak room etc.
The queue was quite big so they walked all the way to the front to be told that they had to go to the back as too many people for them to use the voucher?? I was very disappointed in this as surely that is the hole point of using the queue jumper voucher.
They had to stand in the queue for over an hour!
I asked if they used the cloak room vouchers etc but as they had been refused the use of the first voucher they didn’t feel confident enough to them show another.
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Re: Priority queueing no good!


That's not good at all. I will mention our managers so your concerns can be fed back to the Prority team.


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Re: Priority queueing no good!

Thanks for the mention @Cleoriffsmiling


@Dissatisfied020 I'm sorry to hear that your parents had a bad experience when using Priority queuing. I'll pass your comments on to the Priority team and I'll try and get some info around the limitations of the service. 

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