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Priority Tickets Calendar: 24 - 30 June 2019

Hey everyone, 


There are a ton of fantastic offers for gigs and other events listed on Priority Tickets each week with early access often available for O2 customers. We wanted to list some of the great events going on sale this week to make sure you don't miss the chance to see your favourite band or show! 


We'd also love to hear about your event plans this year, what are you planning to see or already have tickets for?


Have you gone to any Priority gigs so far this year and how was the event? 








Jaden Smith

Tickets on sale Tuesday 25th June

Jaden Smith will be performing at The O2 Forum Kentish Town in August. 


Let us know your plans and chat with other fans in our Jaden Smith thread!  







Tickets on sale Wednesday 26th June

Kisstory will be performing live in London, indigo at The O2 in September! 


Do we have any fans of Kisstory on the community who'd be interested in seeing a live performance? Let us know in our dedicated Kisstory discussion





WEEK 24th May - 30th June - What else is on? 


IDLES - Tickets available soon!

Gerry Cinnamon - Tickets available now!

Theo Von - Tickets on sale Tuesday 25th June

Stray Kids - Tickets on sale Tuesday 25th June

The Interrupters - Tickets available soon!

Oylmpia - Pre-sale ends Wednesday 26th June

The LaFontaines - Tickets available now!

Metronomy - Tickets available soon!

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Re: Priority Tickets Calendar: 24 - 30 June 2019

"Blue rabbits... I suppose The Matrix and Alice bagged the White Rabbit,", mused The Cheshire Cat.


Loadsa Tickets, thanks @Martin-O2

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