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Priority Tickets Calendar: 17 - 23 June 2019

Hi everyone,


I hope you had a good weekend and are looking forward to the week ahead.


As always there's a lot of exciting things happening on Priority! We've picked a few exciting gigs and experiences you might enjoy below, and you can find the rest on the Priority website


Let us know what you think of these and if you're planning on attending any of the gigs mentioned. Smiley Happy




Delain band image


Delain: Priority Tickets pre-sale ends Wed 19 June!

The Dutch symphonic metal band Delain is touring the UK in February in addition to having their new album out this year!

Let us know in the Delain discussion topic what you think of this band and if you're interested in any of their gigs. Happy Dance




Promo photo of the cast of My Favourite Murder podcasts

My Favourite Murder Live: Priority Tickets on sale Wed 19 June!

The true crime comedy podcast My Favourite Murder, hosted by Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff, will be touring the UK and Ireland this winter!

Let us know in this discussion topic whether you listen to this one, or any podcasts in general, and would like to attend a live show. Smiley Happy








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Re: Priority Tickets Calendar: 17 - 23 June 2019

Tickets galore thumbsup

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Re: Priority Tickets Calendar: 17 - 23 June 2019

Tempted with the Kaiser Chiefs in Blackpool Empress Ballroom, I could stay nearby & easily get there & back by train ... date is near my birthday next year ... tickets on sale tomorrow ... will probably need to ask some daft questions LOL music four leaf clover

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