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O2 rip off for service charges.

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FYI, I bought two tickets now in December 2018 for the concert in May 2019 (Mark Knopfler). Each ticket was £50, but i paid £14 service charge and £3.50 facility fee. This 17.5% on top of the tickets. The irony is that I bought tickets at the O2 box office. How do they justify it? I am sure it is not ilegal, but it is certainly immoral.

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Re: O2 rip off for service charges.


Did you compare those prices to what you would have paid had you gone directly to Ticketmaster?

When I last bought tickets I went directly through the groups website. Paid NO handling fee whatsoever...

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Re: O2 rip off for service charges.

The whole handling, booking, service charges or whatever else they want to call it is a big rip off in the ticketing industry anyway.  Most stuff is all electronic these days so no overheads for sending tickets to people, or paying staff to process orders.  The charge is just a legacy "tax" they decided to leave in there and hope people don't make a fuss about.  (Pretty much like most taxes we pay tbh)