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O2 Priority app free hot or cold drink.

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Hi there,

I don’t really use my O2 Priority free hot drink offer that often. However, I went in the other day and they said that I could only get an iced latte or iced Americano if I wanted a cold drink on the O2 Priority app. She spoke with a foreign accent so I didn’t understand her well. At one point, I thought she was telling me that I could only any free hot/drink if I brought a reusable cup and that if I don’t have one then I couldn’t get any free drink at all. Now I’ve been in there before and got a free hot chocolate or coffee using my app so at this point I got a bit annoyed with her. I said that my app says that I could get any free hot/cold drink. Anyway, I don’t know if there had been a misunderstanding but I ordered an iced latte. When I tasted it it, there wasn’t any sweetness at all. I’m pretty sure she was supposed to put some syrup in there to sweeten it. Is it normal for an iced latte to have no sweetness whatsoever? I wondered whether she didn’t add the syrup as it’s considered ‘extras’ for people who bring a reusable cup? 


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This wide as I went to Cafe Nero ealyer this week and used the free hot or cold drink on the priority app I got a cup of tea with it.

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