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Mother's day flowers, meditation and snacks!

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Hey guys, I hope your week is going well despite the general unease we're all experiencing at the moment. hugging


You might see a reduced number of offers on Priority this week due to the coronavirus outbreak unfortunately, however, while going through the Priority website I still spotted a few interesting bits and pieces that you might still enjoy. So I'll mention 3 of these below and it would be lovely to hear what your Priority plans are for the next week or so? slight_smile





25% off Mother's day bouquets + free card and chocolates

The Appleyard Flowers offer gives you 25% off selected bouquets (Springtime Tulips, Simply Pink Rose & Lily, Grace, Scented Garden, Garden Rose & Freesia), plus a free Mother’s Day card and a delicious box of 60g Guylian chocolates with every order. Check it out here. Which of these flowers are your favourites? slight_smile

Offer ends: Sat 21 March at 11:59 pm




New 10-minute mindfulness sessions

Did you know in only 2-10 minutes a day, you can reduce stress and improve sleep? Do any of you ever practise mindfulness in any form?

You can get a daily 10-minutes mindfulness session with the Calm app on Priority.

Check out the offer here! There's also some more information about what the Calm app is all about. It has loads of relaxing sleep stories for example, some narrated by celebrities! 

Offer ends: Sun 22 March at 11:59 pm




Treat yourself with an indulgent snack pack!

What do you guys normally snack on? grin

You can get this £44.94 snack bundle for £14.99 with Priority! Check it out here.
It contains a 500g tub of Loaded Nuts, a luxurious nut butter, a zero-calorie syrup, a selection of protein-packed snacks, and a digital protein baking recipe guide to dip into whenever you’re craving a protein-filled sweet treat. slight_smile

Offer ends: Tue 31 March


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I'm guessing maybe no holiday offers overseas....

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Thanks for the update @Marjo
My thoughts are now focused on trying to cope with all the difficulties arising from the covid 19 outbreak. Keeping calm though.
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