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Complaint: Joe & Seph's Popcorn coupon T&C's contradictory

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I have just spent 30 minutes at a participating Asda store being a Karen (lost my dignity and earned much shame) because the offer you have going for Joe & Seph's popcorn has direct contradictions in the T&C's, as well as stores being unaware that they are participating in the offer.


Your terms state in the attached, that the offer is valid from 21 August - 3rd September.


T&Cs of offer, offer date start and deadline


The list of participating stores includes the one I have just been at (Asda Perry Barr), and they claimed to have no knowledge. They said I was to print the coupon even though your terms also state the coupon could be used at a self checkout.


What they didn't know though, and what I only discovered (and kept to myself scrolling through my phone whilst trying to find proof of the store's participation and T&Cs of offer), is that o2 Priority also decided to put that the coupons expire at 5pm, August 27th, way before the 3rd September deadline, which means the stores defence to not give the product, was righteous.


Contradiction of offer deadline


Why, o2? I'd have been happier if you just withdrew the offer altogether and I wouldn't have wasted this time getting into difficulty in what should have been a simple and easy claim.

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For anyone enquiring about the images, these are what they were; I couldn't add them in the main body of text as easily as this comment:

(T&Cs of offer, start date and deadline)


Offer contradiction


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So Asda decided to expire the vouchers at 5pm yesterday (It says Partners Reward T&C), so these are the one's imposed by Asda (or Joe & Seph) on the promotion.. 

Not a lot o2 can do about it, if the partners have imposed the terms... So I would take up the grievance with Asda..

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