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Hey everyone, 


LTE-M is an upgrade to LTE (long term evolution/4G) networks. It’s a new radio technology that will enable millions of IoT devices to connect and transfer small amounts of data between them.





Wearable IoT devices like wristbands or heart monitors can improve people’s health and safety in the home or at work. For example, trackers can help parents monitor where children are or smart devices can let elderly people notify someone if they’ve had a fall.



Sensors that monitor infrastructure to improve industry efficiencies, like gas and water meters (including smart meter tracking and pipeline monitoring), or micro generation (monitoring the status of wind, solar or thermal generation equipment with sensors).



Mobile asset tracking, allowing IoT devices to run without mains power, or regular recharging. For example, tracking the location and status of industrial assets, such as materials, vehicles or containers.


Industry & Manufacturing

Using IoT devices can improve the safety and efficiency of industrial production,
like industrial tank process/safety (monitoring petrochemical and waste storage, hazardous fluid tanks, or high RF interference environments).


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