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o2-email.co.uk emails! apparently not from o2

so on the second of november i receive an email from news@o2-email.co.uk stating:

"November 2015

It's time to renew your contract. And upgrade your phone

Good news. You can renew your contract from Saturday 07 November. There are several upgrade options available.

To find out more, call us on 01625538882 or pop in to your local O2 shop at 58 Grove Street, Wilmslow, SK9 1DS after this date to see what's available.

If you're happy as you are, everything will continue as normal.

Best regards

Robert Douglas
Store Leader

P.S. We can't tell you about the extras you could get from us, because you haven't said yes to hearing from us. To get back in the loop, call 2220 free. Happy as you are? Then you don't need to do anything.

then all the usual terms and o2 links etc."


So i think on receipt bonus i can upgrade a month earlier; i will pop to my new local store and check this out keen to upgrade. So i get to the shop speak to the man who access my account and says i have to pay £40 to upgrade which the email doesnt mention anything about.


So he says he will ring customer services which he does, explains my predicament, the person on the phone sticks him on hold and then promptly cuts him off after a minute or two. So he goes through the same thing a second time and relays the following message:


"Its not from o2 as it says o2-email (even though i have other emails from o2-email promoting their wares) so its either direct from the o2 store you purchased the contract from or a phishing email, either way you cant upgrade without paying £40" - phone call terminated


So naturally i ask so if its from an o2 shop how can they make offers re: contracts that either cant be honoured by other o2 shops OR be recognised by o2 itsself???




if this is a phishing email how the chuff did they get details such as my renewal date, name, details of originating store - what levels of data protection security are in play here!

also if its a phishing email why do all the links check out, why is the address and telephone number for the actual store in question.


At this point the o2 chappy was getting a bit red and flustered and just told me to forward the email to o2s phishing email and put my concerns in writting at that stage.... so fair dos its an issue above his head so i did as advised only to get a flipping automated response and no committment to answer any of my queries/satisfy my concerns re data protection!


So at this point im annoyed; its not like i want to leave o2, its not like im trying to get out of my contract or even desperate too!


So ---- anyone else had these experiences???


O2 if you want to respond go for it and check your phishing inbox for my email as a forward of the original email in it too 

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Re: o2-email.co.uk emails! apparently not from o2

It looks like a legit email to me.
I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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Re: o2-email.co.uk emails! apparently not from o2

[ Edited ]

@Anonymous O2 will not respond to you here. This is a customer to customer forum. If you're not happy about the mail you received or the way it was handled you should lodge a formal complaint using this link:



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Re: o2-email.co.uk emails! apparently not from o2

Done that already just want to know if anyone else has had such issues :-)
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Re: o2-email.co.uk emails! apparently not from o2

It is 100% legitimate O2 owned email..

"Domain name: 

        O2 Holdings Ltd 

    Registrant type: 
        UK Limited Company, (Company number: 2604354) 

    Registrant's address: 
        354 Buckingham Avenue 
        RG45 6AS 
        United Kingdom 

    Data validation: 
        Nominet was able to match the registrant's name and address against a 3rd party data source on 10-Dec-2012 

        URL: http://www.o2.com "

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Re: o2-email.co.uk emails! apparently not from o2

Thank you! I knew I was being fobbed off just caught me by surprise :-)
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Re: o2-email.co.uk emails! apparently not from o2

Thanks for clarifying this @viridis