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Signal at home

Well I have tried and still disappointed.
I have been offered a tiny discount off my phone bill .which does not cover the cost of buying a landline phone and all the extra costs of using a landline. Seemingly there is a working signal "somewhere?" Of 2g!!!! Great! I take on a £1000 phone that I can only use on my broadband contract when home and my work is suffering as I am missing calls and messages. I know there is nothing the poor operator can do...but I still can't believe that in this day and age that there is NO other solution. I have sky and Plusnet broadband that both work . I get digital radio and can't get over my frustration ........I mean! REALLY. What year is this ?? 1984????
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Re: Signal at home

Have you tried locking phone to 2g only?
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Re: Signal at home

@ScorrieholmYou could also think about downloading the O2 Ask app

It allows you to make calls and text over WiFi (see it's functionality here)


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Re: Signal at home

@Scorrieholm Did you check what O2's signal, or any of the other network's signals would be before you took out your contract?


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Re: Signal at home

@Scorrieholm wrote:


 I know there is nothing the poor operator can do...but I still can't believe that in this day and age that there is NO other solution

If your 3g/4g signal is poor at home try switching to GSM only for calls whilst on home WiFi for data. 


if you have a VoLTE / wifi calling capable phone with the correct firmware you can potentially make voice over 4g or WiFi calls  as if you were in a area with good coverage,  VoLTE depends on 4g signal and band.


Get a sperate Three, Lebara(voda)  and Asda Mobile (ee)  payg 3 in one SIM,  all from Asda, or wherever, top each up Lebara & three with a fiver, Asda have 10 free minuites pre loaded.

See which  of the three networks gets the best covearage at 4g 3g and GSM in your house.


Switch to whoever has the best when you can.


Here is a list mvno's, whoever you go with will be on only one of 4 networks o2, voda, ee and 3




If it's voda unfortunately you pretty much have to go with Vodafone directly - Deus animae tuae misericordiam praebeat. plusnet do stonking deals if you have their broadband - they are called mates rates and are on the ee network. 


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Re: Signal at home

For me as well HU9 area at home poor signal. But where is really low, phone automaticly switch to WiFi Calls. Yes but anyway signal is too low. Before on EE was exellent.
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