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Poor customer service

So it is now nearly 4 weeks that my service at my home address is ****,comes and goes as it feels like it, check on line to see that mast isn’t working properly and being fixed, have contacted customer services via messaging only to be thanked for my patience, well I’m fed up with being patient! Not offered a gesture of goodwill , have been a loyal customer for over 10 years, had another 2 accounts on my account for my children and have paid £1000’s in bills only to be fobbed off with bull******. Have now asked to escalate my complaint but can’t see me getting anywhere so awaiting final response so I can take this to the telecom ombudsman, absolutely fuming that O2 can treat loyal customers who expect a full service which is what is paid for. A glitch on a rare occasion I can understand but have had enough now.
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Re: Poor customer service

Have you made your complaint official or just asked for it to be escalated?


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Re: Poor customer service

@Col228  If a mast is down, and they have acknowedged that, taking it to the ombudsman will probably get you nowhere. I'm not defending the length of time it's taking, but sometimes, believe it or not, the delays are not O2's fault. That's why they never post timelines on repairs.

I would, however, say carry on with your complaint with O2, and try to get at least some sort of goodwill gesture in the way of compensation for being without any service for so long. They certainly owe you that.


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Re: Poor customer service

As Bambino has said not all the mast issues O2 can resolve immediately, sometimes they will need permission / wayleave access requests in order to actually get to and work on the masts in the first instance, these take a lot of time (I know from experience with BT), so sadly something that could probably be fixed in a matter of hours / days takes months because of this process.

I understand there are plans at government level to reduce this time / the need for them for certain businesses such as Openreach in order to improve access times.

I know this won't help now, but if its acknowledged there is a good chance they are trying to work on it. But do continue your complaint as you may get some goodwill (no guarantee but worth a try)

Also, sadly, just for information, no network can guarantee uptime or access at all times to the network