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Ofcom Spoofing Warning

Something we're all going to have to be aware of. Never give details to anyone who cold calls you.

Don't trust caller ID on phones, says Ofcom - BBC News


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Re: Ofcom Spoofing Warning

Thanks for that @Bambino 

It gets worse!

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Re: Ofcom Spoofing Warning

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And some phone companies charge you a fee to pass Calling Line IDentity (CLID) through to your phone...🙄
I got a call from CPW (Carphone Warehouse) the other day. Allegedly. The call came from a UK mobile number, 07718..... When I brought it to CPW's attention, they said they never call subscribers, customers or anyone from a mobile number.

And, if anything, VOIP makes this easier - in the good old PSTN days, it was really quite difficult, without expensive equipment, to get a fake number through the network to the called party's receiver. (The article says when all are on VOIP, this spoofing capability becomes much more difficult .. baloney!)

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