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O2 Billing

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Why can't it be set up that I get informed/warned if I am about to use a service that I will incur extra charges on my bill?

       I have just come back from Orlando and have been charged every day I was there. I knew I would be charged for some of the days as we were away from the hotel but I used the internet at the hotel on the days we were there. I had the UBER app so we could arrange for taxis wherever we were, but these have worked out more expensive than the I-RIDE now because of my charges from O2. If I had been paying for my 12 year old daughters phone I would have incurred the charges for this too and that wouldn't have been her fault.

        My children know when in the UK that if they say there will be a charge for something (I.E.Game or tune download) then they are not to continue. Surely if they can warn you of this then they can warn you if you are subject to be charched if you continue with a certain service abroad. Luckily my 18 year old son has juat put his phone in his own name as I had paid for it for the last 3 years.

        If any of my children were on my contract and had incurred these charges without being warned I would have refused to pay them and taken it to court. This needs to be addressed so that we can make the choice to continue with or avoid the charges...??

        I have been with O2 for approx 6 years or more and have always found them good but this recent experience will have me checking out their competitors on my next renewal unless they change it.

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Re: O2 Billing

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Are you talking about o2 travel ? As you would have had notification on arrival etc . Only one text will trigger the daily charge. https://www.o2.co.uk/shop/international/using-phone-abroad

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Re: O2 Billing

Surely as a responsible adult you would check what you would be charged for before you travelled?
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Re: O2 Billing

You will have recieved a text message regarding charges when overseas including the £5 daily rate which is applicable to the USA which is triggered once a text message is sent, a call is made, or any data is used.


Your child will not know that they are charged for usage which is incusive in the UK, as the phone will not tell you charges for part of standard functionality (calls, texts, etc) however you as an adult should we well aware that these charges exist, and should have either turned off roaming in the device settings, or asked O2 to disable it at the account level.


Sadly you would have found exactly the same issue on ALL UK mobile networks except those that have inclusive roaming to the country you are visiting.