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Calls from congo

Today a new number being a nuisance
Cingo kinshasa
Called 4 times past hour
We had this before
So letting you know it might be starting again
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Re: Calls from congo

@Heatherk This is not O2. This is a customer community. Just block the number on your phone.


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Re: Calls from congo

Hello @Heatherk
Thanks for the information.
Hope it doesn't start up but will block number of course 👍
Good luck keep safe.

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Re: Calls from congo

before when these types of calls started from nigeria o2  someone started a thread about calls from nigeria , that 02 was looking at , i myself was charged for calling back the number, and because of the thread o2 was looking into fraud, by just replying to the thread o2 acted on it the calls stopped and i was reimbursed the money

i had blocked the number but they just use a different number so blocking isnt working 

i started this thread to be helpful and that maybe it had started up again 

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Re: Calls from congo

Hi @ Heathherk understand that you are being helpful thanks. I know too that sometimes blocking numbers may not cure the problem. Can only do your best in these very difficult times.
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Re: Calls from congo

Just had a call from Congo on my lads Vodafone, so it's not just restricted to O2 either.
I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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Re: Calls from Congo from multiple numbers

I am getting the same calles form the Congo and when I block the number they simply use another, call all last nigh so I turned the phone off - why is there no O2 Fraud hot line of email address customers can report these calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Calls from Congo from multiple numbers

Hi @NoFraudNo 

There is no fraud hotline as these calls are nothing to do with fraud relating to O2. If they were, this would be the advice you would follow https://www.o2.co.uk/help/safety-and-security/phishing-and-smishing-advice 

However we do have a community guide on spam calls and text Guide: A Guide to Deal with Spam/Scam Calls and Text 

Though blocking does mean they will eventually give up. They are set up on an autodialler and pick random phone numbers. It's time consuming but you have to persevere with blocking.

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