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online buying and ages with customer services

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Hi all,


I have been an O2 customer for nearly 10 years and today has been the day I may actually leave when my contact comes round for renewal. 


So today I thought i would get the Samsung Tab S6 - take advantage of the Black Friday deal. multiple online attempts failed - "somethign went wrong", 5 customer service agents - granted 2 were receptionists to point me in a direction.  


round in circles with one person who couldnt understand i wanted another number when i already had one. 


another just left after 1hr of talking - sat linked to the chat for another 1.5hrs to see if they would come back.


spent nearly 2 hrs with someone else - granted he did try some different things but even he lost the will to live with O2 technology and just told me to come back tomorrow (even though it was written text, i could hear life being sucked out of there already drained body) he might as well have said - ****** it, no idea's left mate, just come back tomorrow and see if it works or at the least drain somene elses's efforts. ....after 4hrs of my time wasted. 


I have since bought the product from somewhere else and thought i would just get a monthly Sim from O2. another mistake - there website could not even process that successfully.


come on O2... this is beyond a joke.


my question is, has anyone else experianced this ****** show of a service from O2 and stuck with them?



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@AshB2919  Sadly, this is a common occurrence on the O2 site. If you do a search you'll see many problems people have with purchases. As you were able to get what you wanted elsewhere, think yourself lucky. Many of the complaints have to do with products being out of stock because O2's stock reporting isn't live. 

We are all customers here, so all we can do is sympathise, but no one should have to waste all that time. Here's a link should you want to lodge a complaint:


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