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I have been an O2 customer for a couple of years now and have a contract for my phone and my wife's , I have been trying to contact o2 for weeks now regarding the terrible reception I am getting which is basically rendering my phone useless for 50% of the day. I live in the suburbs of Glasgow and work close to the city centre , the reception quality I receive at my office is a abysmal. I have phoned the 202 and the 4445 number on over a dozen occasions and been put on hold and told that they are exceptionally busy at the moment ,, I am not surprised. 

 I eventually got through to someone this morning and after a couple of minutes due to the poor reception I was cut off ,, I then waited in a cue and done a online chat which was a total waste of time and after trying a few different things with the phone I was told the network in this area is busy and basically I would just have to except that,,, don't think so. 

 I called again this afternoon and after being on hold for twenty two minutes got through and guess what cut off again ,,, the level of service / customer care is some of the worst I have ever came across, why should I be paying for a tariff which only works 50% of the time and not particularly well even then. One of the worst parts about this is after they confirm your number and details the do not even have the decency to call back once you have been cut off ,,, I wonder why ??????/


Andrew Mitchell

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