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Signal strength.

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Am I the only one really unhappy with the service O2 provides these days? I used to get great signal all over. Now I struggle with 2 bars in my own home, when I previously had full service at home. The prices remain the same though if not more. Has anyone made any headway with O2 regarding this? I’ve had messages about preparing for 5G which may effect signal strength however I’m sure there are other networks taking the same steps without the downfall. Many of my friends have suggested 3. It’s becoming a problem for me now. Im getting to the point of searching for a new network. Any advice? 

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3 is poor in most areas near me, nearly as bad as EE.... and o2 is far and away the best for the locations I travel to..  

My advice get some pay as you go sims and test network coverage for each one where you live for about a week, and see which one has the best coverage... 


Also bare in mind the signal strength on phones changes depending on the phone and the algorithms that particular manufacturer uses. 

Also has anything changed in the local area, new buildings between the mast and your location.

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About 5 years ago, on o2 I had very poor reception between Cupar, Fife area and Dundee. Whereas Edinburgh and Glasgow have always been good. Now that 5G/4G has been implemenetd this has dramatically improved. Although where I stay the reception on networks on Three and EE aren't that good enough for reliable data indoors. O2 is never full bars yet there is always reception. 

I live about 5 minutes from the Cell towers for Vodadone and O2 so this might help.

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