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O2 prices

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O2 regard themselves as a premium network and so deem it reasonable to rip people off. Been with o2 for 10+ years, and now this 3 year contract is ready to upgrade, I’ve done some market research. 
I found Vodaphone can offer a brand new iPhone 13 pro max, unlimited airtime contract, over 2 years for £52 a month with £99 upfront; with o2, £60+ a month for 3 years! 
contacted an agent and asked if they’d price match for a loyal customer, straight NO! 

goodbye o2 

can say I’d recommend 

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This isnt unique to o2 but all networks none of them will price match, and like all companies they will charge what people are willing to pay. 

Before jumping to VODAFONE, then check your network coverage by buying a PAYG sim and testing, this is what I advise to anyone switching to any mobile operator to prevent costly mistakes and even try calling their CS team and seeing how they respond or where the call goes to.

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We are all customers and dont have access to any o2 accounts

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And if, after taking @madasaf1sh's advice, you find O2 is still best for coverage in your area, go to one of the independent resellers, eg. MobilePhonesDirect or AffordableMobiles (as examples) to get your phone and tariff cheaper than O2 offer direct but still on O2's network - bear in mind it will be a 24mth contract, and a bundled price (ie, no O2 Refresh and no flexible duration beyond 24months - these 2 items are only available direct from O2). Good luck, @B11.


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