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My account was hacked, Iphone orders placed.

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Dear all,

Be alert if you receive calls from 0330 074 9418, 0333 090 5694.

Be alert if you received an email from (Note this email has (0)Zero not O)

2 new phones got delivered at my address, I received a call immediately after DPD delivery arrived. The person on the phone mentioned he is calling from O2 and requested me to repost the new devices to the given O2 address as it was wrongly delivered to my address. So I did as I didn't order it. Guess what? 2 devices got delivered to a scam address (he took it) and my account showing that I need to pay for the devices for the next 48 months. 😞 I realised being a fraud victim after 2 days.. too late tho..I've spoke to real O2, waiting for action.

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You need to also log all the details with Action Fraud as well and also check your credit report to see if there are any additional entries against you. 


Ensure you change your myo2 passwords, and in fact all your passwords. as they have your email address. 

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We are all customers and dont have access to any o2 accounts

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