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I keep getting automated calls from mobiles that end as soon as I pickup

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I keep getting endless calls from mobile numbers. I get like 5+ a day from automated systems. The numbers are fairly close together


Mobile number 07597025421 calls, I pick up or don't, it goes dead, I block it.

Same thing for:







It's not practical to block all mobile numbers. How is it possible they are all following the exact same pattern and in 2021 a carrier isn't equipped to automatically identify such behaviour? Someone has bought a load of numbers in a batch and is able to spam calls to the same phone with it. I can't tell if this is malicious or just inept like they are supposed to be playing some "if you were in an accident, call x" message but aren't.


If I raised this to O2 direct is there any likelihood they can track who owns all of these numbers? Is there anything at all I can do apart from blocking any unknown mobile numbers completely (which will mean when my GP wants to offer me the vaccine or if anyone ever changes number I simply wont see it & so is not practical)??

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Blocking them is the only way annoyingly. I have the same issue on my landline. We do have a guide about how to deal with them. Guide: A Guide to Deal with Spam/Scam Calls and Text 

It may help with  some of them. There is also an app called Truecaller, which a lot of people find helpful.


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This is a know problem and affects all networks, although usually 3 and EE.

Someone can i'm afraid walk into a shop and buy as many sim cards as they want top up in cash and walk out.. o2 dont know they have done this as they are all used in seperate handsets with individual sim cards.

Also all mobile networks see is a device calling a number and then hanging up, they dont know the contents of that call.

o2 will be able to block the numbers, but unless its a registered account they wont be able to do anything else.

I would report it to o2 following the information here:

And your GP in fairness should not be using a withheld number to call people, thats very poor of them and they where told to stop doing this at the same time as they where told to stop using 0844 numbers
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It's a common number spoofing scam.

OFCOM advice here

I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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