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I had debt collectors at my door for unpaid bills on a device which was immediately returned

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Last year in July I ordered an Alcatel tablet for my 4 year old autistic son, I was not happy with the tablet and returned the device 2 days later or replaced it with a different one, all was good.

4 months later I have debt collectors knocking at my door demanding around £300 for unpaid monthly payments on the Alcatel tablet I had returned, so that had a fairly big impact on my credit score.

I managed to painfully get o2 to find and clear the problem so I no longer had debt collectors knocking at my door, I was told the debt collection account would be closed within 7 days and they would reimburse me subsequently.

Nearly 2 months later and I've heard nothing, had no discounts on my bill, not even a phone call to say they've resolved the issue. So I phoned them today and the person I spoke to said they would ot now be reimbursing my account for the stress and difficulties they put me through and that all they could do was get in touch with the credit body to get in touch with me to try and fix any damage done to my credit rating.

As a customer of around 15 years I find this is an appalling way to treat a loyal customer and why are they not trying to rectify my credit damage they did without me prompting them?

I've seen a lot of good deals with other providers recently though so I think this has finally made my mind up about switching and I will be leaving o2 as soon as possible unless they treat their loyal customers better which I can't see happening.

Rant over.
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@Christian1989 O2 treats their customers like something they scraped off the bottom of their shoe. It's been particularly bad during the current crisis, and we customers in the community see it every day. I can only suggest you lodge a formal complaint before you leave, but then definitely give your business to another company. It's the only thing they understand.


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