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How many days wasted hours and O2 representative does it take to sort an issue?

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I’ve spent a week and a ridiculous amount of stupid amount of hours trying to get through to O2 to sort my data out, it should be common sense what needs to be done but as you know common sense is no longer common, when you get through and speak to someone they either shirk their responsibilities and cut you off, put you back in the queue, don’t listen to your issue or put you though to virginmedia wtf is that all about?! I left this s**ty company 20yrs ago because of their poor service and went to virgin, I had zero problems with virgin, then virgin passed me back when they merge, thanks virgin! I will NOT even bother trying to sort the issue out, I’ve given my 30 day and will go without data during that time as long I don’t have to deal with those clowns in customer service and listen to that stupid music that makes you want end the call, I even tried to call the O2 business customers service line to see if they could help, the music is the exact same but it sounds more peaceful wtf?! Will have to do my research to see what other mobile companies are tied to O2 as I DONT want anything to do with O2 or their associated companies.

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30day notice applies to termination of O2 insurance, @DH77 - here's the info you need, but it sounds like you are ahead of the game already 👍🏼 Guide: Cancelling Your Contract 

Good luck!

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