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Disappointing Service and Unresolved Issues with O2

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I've been a loyal customer of O2 for a considerable time, but my recent experience has left me deeply disappointed and dissatisfied.

I initiated a request to change my phone number, expecting a smooth transition. However, what followed was a series of ongoing issues with outgoing calls that persisted even after receiving confirmation of the number change. This left me unable to utilize the service as intended.

Despite multiple visits to the nearest O2 store, numerous explanations to their staff , and a significant investment of time and money, the problem remained unresolved for over three weeks.


To add to the frustration, when I sought assistance regarding termination fees for a service that failed to meet its promises, the response was disheartening. O2 insisted on a termination fee of £38 and required payment for the remaining bill for my number, despite the service not being up to par.


This lack of acknowledgment of the inconvenience caused and the insistence on fees for a service that wasn't delivered has led me to contemplate legal action. It's unfortunate that a service provider fails to value customer time, money, and effort, leaving them with no choice but to seek alternative resolutions.


I am deeply disappointed with the level of service and the lack of resolution. As someone who values fairness and customer satisfaction, I'm compelled to share my experience to alert others. I advise caution to anyone considering O2 services, as my recent encounters have been far from satisfactory.

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The difficulty that you will have in any legal action is O2's T&Cs. In common with the other UK mobile networks, you pay your money but they do not promise anything ! 


Your thoughts about O2 are in line with those of many contributors to this community. However, I can tell you from personal experience that O2's customer service is no worse that at least one of their UK rivals, and is probably better. 


Rather than commencing legal action, have you considered utilising O2's complaints process :-


How to Complain | Help | O2


Customer+Complaints+code+250523.pdf (


You could use Resolver with a stated objective of being able to leave without further charges. You will certainly find that incurs less cost than legal action, and will probably be less stressful too. 


Please keep us informed of developments.  





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