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using phone in Asia

I'm going to Thialand and Vietnam. I have a contract allowing me use of phone outside Europe for £4.99 per day. Does this apply in Asia ?

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Re: using phone in Asia

Take a look here @Anonymous for information on the O2 Travel package.




Thailand is included, although not Vietnam unfortunately. You can also search by country below to find the standard rates that apply, as well as whether the countries in question qualify for O2 Travel.




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Re: using phone in Asia

Thanks a lot. Donaldo.
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Re: using phone in Asia

You would be best advised to source and use a local sim whilst visiting those countries as it will work out much cheaper.
If you need to get your phone unlocked before you travel, see help here https://community.o2.co.uk/t5/Other-Products-and-Services/Unlocking-an-O2-phone-to-use-a-different-S...
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Re: using phone in Asia

Yes, ditch the O2 sim. and use a local sim for both Vietnam and Thailand 🇹🇭. If you need any help just send me a private message or ask here as it will help others. 

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Re: using phone in Asia

Hi @Anonymous! It would be awesome to hear how your travels went! Smiley Happy


Thanks @Wa10@MI5 and @jonsie for your help. Smiley Happy

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