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I want to add an iwatch to my account but not connect it to my number I want to add it to my partners number

Laura81 by Level 1: Joiner
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Resolved! close account

 How do I close my account?

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Apple watch

I’m hoping someone can help as I’m a complete technophobe. I have an iPhone XR and would like to add an Apple Watch to my plan for my young daughter to use. She doesn’t need a phone as such but I would like her to have a way of contacting me and othe...

Sbeecee by Level 1: Joiner
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Resolved! Block phone

Is there any way to block a phone using the S/N? Just sold a phone due to upgrade and been scammed with the payment. Still have the serial number for the phone and was wondering if it could be blocked?

Duffy7811 by Level 1: Joiner
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Resolved! Iphone XR Battery Case

I recently bought a battery case for my phone yet it doesn’t even work. I soent £108. I am not happy. I’m entitled to a replacement.

D2m by Level 1: Joiner
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Mobile hotspot wont connect to laptop

HiMy iPhone 12 will not connect to my laptop via Mobile Hotspot. My laptop can see the hotspot but when I enter the correct password, and after the 'checking requirements' I get an error message saying.....'cannot connect to this network'.Other netwo...

Iphone 7-Iphone 12 and Apple Watch

Hi there, first of all let me try to explain my problem, I cannot update my iphone 7 to the latest IOS so I can unpair my apple watch series 5 which needs an update then copy the data from my iphone 7 to the new iphone 12 I have. Would I have any iss...

Resolved! Purchased apple AirPods

Filled out all necessary details to pay monthly for apple AirPods which were £9.75 per month with a £20 fee upfront. When processing eligibility and payment, £20 payment was sent to o2 from my bank account but an error message displayed saying “somet...

Resolved! No plug with charger?

I upgraded to an iPhone 12 recently, I’ve swapped from android, however when I received my new phone it came with the charging less but no plug??

Resolved! Connecting new Apple SE watch left me with no signal on phone

Hi I’ve had several calls to 02 today. I have a new Apple Watch and connected it this morning but ever since I’ve had absolutely no signal on the phone or watch. The watch said to contact 02. They’ve reset it to idata but no luck. I can’t connect to ...

KateH by Level 1: Joiner
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