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Sim Swap, Nano, Micro Mini Sim.

Sims and Sim Swapping. What does SIM mean (Subscriber identity module) Sim cards need to be installed into a mobile phone to enable the use of the mobile phone onto the mobile network. A Mobile number will be associated with the Sim card when in use....

Sim1.JPG Sim1.JPG
darrengf by Level 28: Ingenious
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Free iPhone Apps For A Limited Time

Came across this on my travels. Might be of use to iPhone users.

Bambino by Level 78: King of Kings
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Can't send picture messages on IPhone 4S

I haven't been able to send picture messages for about the last week, I am on latest software IOS5.01. Anyone any ideas ? The send bar goes almost to the end then I get the red exclamation mark.

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! Unable to use mobile data on iPhone 4s

I'm unable to use my mobile data on my Iphone 4s. I've got 500mb and i've tried Resetting network settingschanging APN from payandgo to Idata/mobileairplane mode on and offtaking the sim out and dusting itI dont know what else to do. Not even sure if...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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iPhone 5S - In Recovery Mode

My 13 month old (and still not finished paying for it on contract) 5S has been turning itself off at random times since the last iOS update. Sometimes with as much as 27% battery it will reboot. It did it Wednesday night and when I turned it back on ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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help im going nuts, i been to mexico and switched data roaming off and also cellular on my iphone 6 but ive been charged £120 for data abroad just on one day of my holidays any ideas how this could have happened , spoken to apple they said that this ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! Are iPads locked with O2 network?

Quick question. I got an iPad air from O2 a couple of months ago and I wanna ask if it's locked with O2 network or not. I m planning to travel in the next months and I want to use foreign sim cards for cheap internet access. Thanks *it's pay monthly

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Public wifi problems

Hi guys, just wondering if anyone can help with this. I'm currently on my second iPhone 6, and everything seemed fine, but I've recently noticed this problem. Whenever I connect to public wifi in a coffee shop, bar, restaurant, or any other public ne...

Bez89 by Level 3: Thinker
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When is 4g coming to the north west ( specifically Barrow-in-Furness & the south lakes)?I have been getting this message for months now!!Sorry we are experiencing high service demand in this areaA mast close to your location is experiencing a high le...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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