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Upgrade - out of stock

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Updated on the 19th and apart from one text on the 24th absolutely no information as to when iPhone 13 will be in stock. My O2 is less than informative, surely it can’t be that difficult to update your customers of over 15 years.  If an order is placed then, stock should be allocated immediately, so delivery date can be given. Do I have to cancel and go somewhere else to get any attention

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You'll need to call customer service, this is a community forum, not O2.
Numbers here Guide: Coronavirus Community Help and Support 
When it comes to the reason you are calling stay silent for 15 seconds and you will be taken to the keypad options.
Press 2 for Everything Else
Press 5 for More Options
Press 7 for Anything Else which will put you though to someone.
Say "Upgrade", "Lost/Stolen" or "Fraud" if you have to, to get put through to someone.
8.00am is the best time to call if you can.

I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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Why do people do this to themselves? If you were promised a product on a certain date then you are right to complain or enquire. Customer service can't make then come faster. Only logistics and delivery can do that.


In the same way, we cannot do anything here. I used to be like that, expecting things in an instant. People need to calm down as we are barely out of a pandemic or indeed out of one completely. The EU changes will change the logistics from normal meaning some shipping is likely to be delayed.


Not only that there is a silicon shortage meaning electronic products are slower to produce and distribute. It's affecting computer products across the range such as cars, tv's, processors and RAM and a whole load more.


When people went mad during the pandemic they should have been putting money by so they could od more after lockdown. Not abuse their right not to work and be paid for it. Just like the toilet roll  and fuel pumps it;s the same pattern of behavioiur.


I am sure they are real problems for customer services to help with. 

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Sorry for the rant. I just had to get it off my chest.

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I think you have said what a lot of people are thinking...  

I had the same rant on a car forum, about someone who was angry his car might not turn up, due to people been off sick etc...  People need to get a grip.... 

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We are all customers and dont have access to any o2 accounts

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My order status is a little inconclusive. On one hand it was saying my oder was being processed and on this desktop website they say they are awaiting stock. My time is a bit limited so I kind to need to know what is going on. 


Anyhow my current contract officially ends on the 4th December. Actually I really hope to get it before November as I will be on holiday and won't be around to receive it probably.  Due to everything that is going on, I expect delays and longer wairing times.. 


Then you have scalpers to deal with....


As I said I will let you all know when I get mine. Silver S21 Ultra 256GB and Anker charger. 

For headphones I am thinking of just getting the USB C adaptor from Samsung.  I don't want the extra radiation in my ears.




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