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Transfer photos from iPhone to PC

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I have a lot of problems transferring photos from my iPhone to my PC/hard drive.  I've always had an android phone and only ever had to connect the cables and transfer the photos.  I changed to  iPhone last year and have been unable to download photos since which results in me frequently being unable to take photos/videos and apps being uninstalled as I have insufficient space.  I have been told I have to upload photos to the iCloud but then I have to transfer them to my laptop hard drive, before I can then transfer them to an external hard drive.  As you can see this is considerably more labour intensive than my previous android phones.  Is this the only way this can be done?

Also, if this is the ony way this can be done, if I was able to take the time to clear the photos from my phone is there something I can change in the camera / album settings on my phone that would make this process easier in future - have I inadverntently changed something that means I have to go through this lengthy transfer process?

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