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New phone

I have recently upgraded to the iPhone 7. I recieved my phone yelsterday. Wednesday the 31st of may. The camera seems to be very blurry. Never had a problem with 02 before but this isn't acceptable. What steps do I take from here? I would not like to return it as I can not do without a phone for a week. Can I get some sort of money off my bill every month for this inconvenience.
Thank you
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Re: New phone

@Anonymous I would return the phone & ask for a replacement as you are within your cooling off period but you won't get a discount on your bill as that is unlikely. Call customer service 



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Re: New phone

Return the phone because you won't get any reduction on your monthly bill. It's not your fault the camera is faulty nor is it O2's. The fault is down to Apple and yes, I'm aware that O2 supplied the phone but they aren't to know the camera would turn out to be faulty. 

It is however their responsibility to replace it and that is something they surely will. 

Forgive the silly question but have you checked there is no protective film over the rear lens? 

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Re: New phone

14 days change of mind policy.. 28 days if faulty. Get it back asap http://www.o2.co.uk/help/phones-sims-and-devices/our-returns-and-repairs-policy


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Re: New phone

Or you can take it into your nearest Apple store and walk out with a new one if it's faulty.
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Re: New phone

Hey @Anonymous How did it go in the end, did you return the phone and get a new one? Would be awesome to know the result in case others have similar situations too later on. And don't hesitate to ask if you have any additional questions! Smiley Happy


Thanks for the advice @MI5, @Cleoriff, @jonsie, @Anonymous! Fantastic

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