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Double charges

Hi there,

The last few months, I’ve been charged twice for all in app purchases. Apple Pay charges my bank account, and the exact same charge gets added to my tariff and is shown on my “things you’ve bought” section in the “My 02” app.

I have notified Apple about this, gone through the refund process but they keep rejecting my claims. I’ve emailed Apple and once again, they’ve been very little help, despite providing clear evidence of the double charges.

I’m owed quite a large portion of money (just over £200) so I refuse to let this slide. Any advice on what to do? I’m unsure of how the double charges started, but an 02 rep has put a stop to it. 02 said to contact Apple, but as stated, they’re not helping. TIA!

(Sorry if this has been posted in the wrong board, was unsure on which one to use)
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Re: Double charges

@Nicolawilliams I will tag @O2Lisa who will be on at 8 am to see what advice she can give you.

If, as you say, O2 have put a stop to the charges, then it seems to me that your dispute is now with Apple, so I'm not sure what can be done on O2's side.


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Re: Double charges

Morning all, thanks for the tag @Bambino.

I'll message you privately @Nicolawilliams and look in to this for you.

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