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poor data connection compared to EE

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My friend and I both have galaxy s9 i am on 02 and he is on EE


We both go to see sale sharks rugby at M30 7EY aj bell stadium approx 7000 people there each time  


When sat in our seats( next to eachother) my phone only ever shows 3G or H or H+  never 4g -  the speed is so slow I cant really access facebook or other apps that require data 


My friend who is on EE  has no issue what so ever sales through on 4G or 4G+ all the time 

this has happed for the last year since we got these phones


Any ideas what it could be ?

could it be a setting in my phone thats set different to his?

it has happed to often to me for it to be a one off 








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Re: poor data connection compared to EE


I'm afraid that's standard for O2. 

They don't have the bandwidth that EE does. 

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Re: poor data connection compared to EE

Hi @Mawdz 

It will be nothing to do with your settings.

Factually some networks are better than others dependent on where you are.

When I'm in Yarmouth O2 is great. When I am in Brean in Somerset then O2 is OK but my friend on EE gets a better signal than me.

It's swings and roundabouts really.


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Re: poor data connection compared to EE

@Mawdz  Is your data connection poor wherever you go or just in that one particular area? If the answer is the former, then the solution is you should switch to EE.


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Re: poor data connection compared to EE

As others have said it’s all down to bandwidth. So probably nothing wrong with your phone. On a lighter note, are Sale Sharks that bad that you have to resort to going on Facebook 😂😂😂😂😂?
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Re: poor data connection compared to EE

I have both EE and O2 contracts. EE is far superior to O2 almost everywhere that I travel and at home.

Below both taken from home sitting at the back door.










Massive difference but O2 speeds are sufficient for my needs. If I go into town then I use EE for most things as O2 suffers from congestion.