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Water damaged Samsung Galaxy s6

Hi there, have left my Galaxy s6 on a window sill which, come the morning was full of water! Phone had been sat in it for i don't how long. Wasn't working in the morning so plugged my charger in and it started to work again, temporarily though! The screen started to go green so disconnected the charger and turned it off! Has been in rice in airing cupboard for 2 days but took it out today and plugged charger in and not a thing!! so, ultimately, the question i have is, can it be repaired??

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Re: Water damaged Samsung Galaxy s6

It's not usually cost effective to repair severe water damage and whilst you may be able to bring it back to life, there's no knowing how long for.
A new motherboard and many of the ancillary parts would need changing to do a proper job so another phone would be cheaper.
Really you should have completely dried it out before trying to charge it as power going through the circuits will make it worse.
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