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Samsung Galaxy S2 won't switch on



My Samsung Galaxy S2 has charged over night and now won't switch on...has anyone else had a problem like this? Is it just the battery?



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Re: Samsung Galaxy S2 won't switch on

Was it charged was the phone was still on?

It is more than likely stuck in sleep mode. Whip the battery out for a few minutes and then try it.


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Re: Samsung Galaxy S2 won't switch on

Try the battery solution first or a hard reset of the phone

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Re: Samsung Galaxy S2 won't switch on

If removing the battery doesn't work

shine a light in the battery compartment to see if anything is looking odd also shine inside the headset jack and the usb jack to see if it looks white. (There are wet sensors inside)

My s2 did that... suddenly wouldnt turn on... according to the repair centre I had a bad case of water damage. Which was news to me.. . Good old insurance
.. phew
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